St. Patty’s Risotto

I love risotto anytime, any season. It’s perfect as a complete meal, with whatever seasonal vegetables you have on hand. In the fall, I love to add butternut squash or mushrooms, and in the spring, I add lots of green vegetables including peas, zucchini and broccoli. Sometimes chicken or pancetta, but usually I like it vegetarian. It’s one of my favorite comfort foods and meals to serve when feeding my people.

I came across this bag o’ green veggies at Trader Joe’s and immediately thought: risotto! This recipe is so simple. Just grab a chair and park it in front of the stove to stir continuously for about a half an hour.

Dice the onions and set aside. Heat the pancetta in a dutch oven until slightly crispy, rendering the fat. Add the onions until their color turns translucent. Add the seasonings, salt, and pepper.

Next add the risotto for a couple of minutes to toast it slightly. Start adding your broth, ladle by ladle, every 3-5 minutes, once the risotto absorbs all the liquid, add more. Stir continuously.